NexEra - Electro-Hydraulic Actuators
The Next Generation of Actuation and Control

NexEra's advanced technology provides a powerful alternative for actuation applications. The NexEra platform is Proven, Compact, Powerful, and Preciseā€¦ a new approach with significant benefits over hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-mechanical actuation technologies.

Each actuator incorporates a unique combination of our innovative, patented electric motor driven pump and valve circuitry, modular manifold and cylinder, and optional integrated electronics to offer a wide range of actuator sizes to best fit your application.

NexEra products range from simple drop-in replacements for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, and electro-mechanical actuators, to precision, multi-axis coordinated motion control systems.


NexEra Actuators are categorized into two product series; the NexAct series and the NexSmart series.

Whether your application requires a single actuator with external control, a smart actuator with embedded servo drive and motion controller, a multi-actuator system, or a customized design, NexEra has you covered. Our 250 years of motion control experience, coupled with our powerful NexEra platform, can help you construct a system to meet your needs.

NexAct series actuators can easily be fitted onto new applications, or as a replacement for existing Hydraulic / Pneumatic Cylinders, or Electro-Mechanical actuators. NexAct actuators utilize external control signals for starting and stopping, and have optional position and force sensors that can be connected to your control system

NexAct series applications range from harsh, industrial, outdoor environments to clean, precision, quiet applications, to name a few.

NexSmart series actuators build on the NexAct series products by incorporating a built-in servo amplifier and motion controller to provide precision position and force control in a fully integrated package. NexSmart also utilizes Kyntrol's patented C-bus technology and software in a single compact, powerful actuator. This cost effective, powerful yet highly efficient design is helping drive benefits in productivity, energy conservation and profitability across a number of industries.

NexEra Multi-Axis Systems for applications requiring coordinated motion control of multiple actuators, NexSmart provides an ideal solution. With integrated electronics and C-bus interconnectivity, NexSmart eliminates the need for external controls and special software. Multiple NexSmart actuators can be operated together to provide coordination of moving elements. Application challenges such as premium-class seating, lift tables and special machines can be addressed with NexSmart products eliminating the added cost and complexity of external control systems.

Custom Actuators - Kyntrol provides special actuator designs and accessory products built on our powerful modular NexEra Platform. If standard NexAct or NexSmart actuators alone do not solve your design challenge, our team can design a NexEra system using various combinations of NexEra modules, Special Packaging, Mounting Options, Electrical Interfaces, or Special Software to meet your specific requirements.